Important Factors to be Considered When Buying Rustic Bar Stools

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen or bar counter without stools. Of the many designs and styles available in the market, rustic bar stools are a popular choice among home owners for their unsophisticated appeal; one that blends in perfectly with the ambience of the kitchen and the bar. As with other articles of rustic furniture, different factors need to be considered when making a purchase. A few important ones are discussed here.

Important Factors to be Considered When Buying Rustic Bar StoolsHeight

Bar stool is commonly used to refer to any form of stool that is used at the kitchen counter. However, these stools vary in their height, and each of them – counter, bar, and spectator (or stadium) stools – is characterized by a standard specific height range. Counter stools measure between 24 and 26 inches and are built to be paired with standard kitchen tops that are 36 inches tall. Bar stools are built to be used in that part of the kitchen counter that is stepped up from the rest of it. This area is about 42 inches high. Chairs that pair with this portion of the counter measure about 30 inches in height. Spectator or stadium stools are the tallest among the lot and are designed for use with a counter top that is 48 inches or higher. They are between 34 and 36 inches tall and are meant for viewing the television while at the counter.

Select counter stools depending on the height of your kitchen counter and the purpose it needs to serve. Ensure that the height of the stool is such that it allows for comfortable seating; in a manner that there is adequate space between the legs and the counter top.


The most commonly used material on rustic bar stools is wood. Reclaim or old wood, like those obtained from demolished sources, barns, barges, railway tracks etc. too make an excellent choice for rustic bar stools. Select this kind of wood for its natural grain and weathered look and bring about a simple and modest appeal.

Rustic however isn’t restricted to wood – metal, especially iron is an interesting option in this regard. Pick industrial styled stools made completely out of metal, or urban rustic ones, which feature a combination of wood and metal, to stay abreast with interior design trends.

Back, arm and foot rest

A typical bar stool with its raw appeal looks best without a back and arm rest. However, comfort is of prime concern and it is advisable to opt for either a back rest, or an arm rest, depending on the age of the users of the stool. Pick chairs with back and arm support if you have children or elderly people at home, or if you spend hours together at the kitchen. For e.g., if your children love doing their homework at the counter while you are busy preparing meals, it would be better to have stools that provide them ample support and good posture.

Backless chairs are a great choice when you have limited space or want a minimalistic appearance. However if you have toddlers or young ones at home, stay away from these chairs as they pose the risk of accidents. Also, opt for footrests on your chairs, especially on bar and stadium stools as dangling feet are the most uncomfortable when you sit down to eat or drink.


Cushions perform dual functions on bar stools – they modify the appearance, and provide comfort for prolonged seating. Typical rustic stools lack cushions, however it is advisable to use them for added comfort, especially if you have children or aged people at home. Pick tie-on fabric cushions to add a twist to bar stools, or those in leather to lend a classic, vintage appeal.

Swivel and other features

Counter stools with swivel and swing features are a boon in case of space constraints around the kitchen counter. They help you get on and off the chair with ease, without having to disturb the people sitting next to you. Also for chairs that are heavy, laboratory-like stools with swing feature ensure that you do not have to drag the chair out every time you sit or move around. This also saves your floor from unwanted damage each time you pull the chairs out.

Rustic stools are a perfect addition in any kitchen. A careful consideration of the above mentioned factors is sure to help you pick the right ones for your home.