Five Reasons to Use A Stand-Up Desk

Remaining seated for long hours at your workstation or desk poses health hazards. Exactly why the standing or sit-stand desks were created. The desk allows you to work comfortably while standing. They are height adjustable and may contain additional features or props that improve your posture and make standing work seamless. Such desk help negate the ill effects of remaining seated for too long. Here are five reasons why you should consider switching to a stand up desk in your workplace.

# 1 – Standing desks help reduce a backache

While seating is comfortable to a certain extent, remaining in the same position for too long exerts pressure on the back muscles, resulting in pain. Long hours of seated or sedentary work often leads to pain in the middle and lower back. A stand up desk allows you to switch to a standing position intermittently, thus reducing the stress experienced on the back muscles when seated. As a result, people who use stand-up or sit-stand desks are likely to experience fewer episodes of a backache and feel better even during the course of the workday.

# 2 – They lower your risk of weight gain

Sitting for prolonged hours slows down your metabolism and promotes fat accumulation, which is why it is linked to weight gain and obesity. Standing, on the other hand, helps burn more calories, when compared to sedentary work. Though the calories burnt may be fewer than what you would when working out, using a stand-up desk helps you get rid of excess calories, even if you choose to use it for just a few hours during the day. Over time, working while standing makes a remarkable difference to a sedentary lifestyle and alleviates the risks associated with it.

# 3 – They may lower the risk of heart disease

Scientists have discovered that prolonged sedentary time increases the risk of heart diseases manifold. Many pieces of research also indicate that standing reduces the risk of heart-related diseases and deaths occurring from the same. Hence, using a standing desk, which encourages you to work by spending more time on your feet, may bring down your chances of a heart-related ailment. It could also improve your overall health and lifespan.

# 4 – Stand-up desks helps boost your mood and energy levels

Sedentary work is associated with an increased risk of depression and anxiety. Standing on the other hand, as indicated by research, results in less stress and fatigue than when people work in a seated position the entire day. It gives you a necessary break from a routine position and also improves your vigor and energy levels. Thus, using a stand-up desk and alternating between seated and standing positions can help you feel happier even when you spend long hours in your workplace.

# 5 – They may improve productivity

A common fear with using stand-up desks is that they can hamper the way in which you use a PC or a laptop, especially when typing. However, with a little effort and practice, you can set up your standing desk and workstation in an ergonomic manner by attaching equipment or add-ons such as swivel arms, laptop stands, cushion mats, etc., which ensure minimal discomfort when working in a standing position. Good ergonomics coupled with the ability of stand-up desks to improve energy levels could thus give your productivity levels a boost like never before.

Reducing sedentary time has a positive effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Alternating between sitting and standing at work is thus a lifestyle change that provides you with many benefits. Stand-up desks can help bring about this change at your workplace while ensuring that you stay comfortable and productive even when you change from one position to another. When using such desks, you could begin by standing for a few minutes every hour or two and slowly increase your standing time to the extent where you do not experience or fatigue in your legs and feet. The key to a good active workstation of this kind is moderation – to use a stand-up desk along with your regular one in a manner that is comfortable and yet promotes your overall health and well-being.