Eames Chair – An Iconic Piece of Modern Furniture

The Eames chair is one of the most recognized pieces of furniture in the world. The iconic chair has lasted decades of changes in interior design and still occupies the place of pride amidst a sea of seating options available today.

The Eames Chair – a Brief History

The famous chair gets its name from its makers – designers Ray and Charles Eames. Ray and Charles Eames were a married couple who worked together to create this iconic chair. The couple had the desire to create a chair that looked as inviting and warm as a well-worn baseball mitt.

It was introduced to the world in 1956. The Eameses had begun working on it as a part of a project they had undertaken. They wanted to design a chair that was luxurious in every sense of the world. But the couple was keen to not only design a stylish piece of the chair but something that was also the epitome of comfort. Just as the ball nestles comfortably in a baseball mitt, the couple wanted to create something that was really snuggly and inviting yet looked beautiful.

The result was a chair that was built with three different types of molded plywood – a first of its kind idea in the post-WWII America. These pieces were used to make a backrest, a base, and another headrest. In the initial design, these pieces were covered with rosewood veneer. The pieces were set in place with a leather cushion. To make it more comfortable to use the chair, a matching piece of ottoman was available to buy along with the chair.

With time, different materials came to be used for the bases. The chair itself was available in more than one color. It was ready for the market in 1956. The Herman Miller Company began to sell the Eames chair exclusively. Even though the Eames chair was an item of luxury furniture, the materials used in its design made it viable for mass production.

The Eames chair was an improvement over the usual lounge chairs – precisely what the designer duo planned to achieve.

The Place of the Eames Chair in the Modern World of Interior Design

Even after more than 60 years in production (which in itself is a remarkable feat), the Eames chair is still available to buy with the original seller. But now, the famous Eames chair is also available as a reproduction of the original design. The reproduction work has made it possible for people to use the Eames chair in their homes even with their limited decorative budgets.

If you buy a reproduction design made with quality leather with good veneer accents, you are most likely to be pleased with your purchase. Some furniture manufacturers offer the Eames chair made with materials as close to the original as possible. You can enjoy the placement of an iconic design this way but without spending a huge sum of money required for the original.

Today, the iconic Eames chair is available in different types of materials. You can have your pick of the upholstery and veneers. You can also choose different sizes and colors as per your own design sensibility. The chairs in either black or white are perfect for different décors – be it minimal, industrial, contemporary, or traditional. You can place the chair to fit in seamlessly with any neutral color scheme or to provide relief to a room designed in a variety of colorful accents and furniture.

There aren’t many furniture items today that are still relevant in the contemporary age with their inception decades ago. The Eames chair is a classic piece of furniture. With its rich and interesting history, it is the perfect addition to any house or office space. Its mere placement in any room is enough to add a distinct character to even the most simplistic of spaces. Whether you use the original Eames or a reproduction design, you can’t go wrong with this elegant piece of furniture in your house. The Eames chair is indeed a comfortable yet luxurious piece of furniture – the perfect manifestation of the designers’ inspiration and genius behind its creation.