Things That You Should Consider Before Buying Height Adjustable Desks

Today, in this article, we will look at six key things you should consider before buying the height adjustable desk. Let’s begin.

Size of desk’s top

First of all, you have to decide how large your desk’s top should be. Choose the size of the desk’s top keeping in mind the number of people who will be using the standing desk. If you are buying standing desks for office, then it should have enough space to accommodate at least two to three monitors. The standard size of the top is usually 48” x 30” and the large top can be of 70” x 30”. Choose the dimensions of the top as per your specific needs. You can choose the custom size of the top as well.

Load capacity

Check how much load your stand up desk can handle. Each desk has different weight capacity and usually stand up desks are designed to handle the load of 200 lbs. Make sure that stand up desk you want to buy should be strong enough to carry the load you want to put on it. If two to three workers are going to use the desk at a time, look for a standing desk that can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

Minimum and a maximum height of a desk

When you are buying height adjustable standing desks for office, it gets difficult to determine the right minimum and maximum height of the desk because different people will be going to use the desk. You cannot solely decide the height range of stand up desk depending on the height of current workers because employees may come and go. Therefore, the best way to choose the minimum and maximum height of the desk is to look for broader height range. BIFMA calls for an optimal range of 22.6” to 48.7”. However, it is preferred to look for stand up desk 50” or taller for standing users.

Adjustment mechanism

Height adjustable desks have different motion mechanisms to lower and raise desks. Some standing desks use mechanical hand crank adjustments while some use electric motors to adjust the height. Majority of modern height adjustable standing desks use electrical adjustment mechanism. It is easy to use and every time set the height exactly to pre-set up elevations. You can set the elevation of stand up desk to four different pre-set levels which makes it ideal for office use where many people use a desk.

The noise of motion technology

When you are looking for a height adjustable desk for office, you have to consider the noise created by the adjustment mechanism before buying because definitely, you won’t want to disturb others when adjusting the elevation of a desk. Some desks have louder mechanisms which are ideal for a private area or home office. But when looking for adjustable standing desks for a place where many employees are working in the office, you need a standing desk which does not make noise. Look for a desk that does not make noise more than 40 dB. Any desk that creates noise below than this level is ideal for a workplace where many people are working together.

Surface Laminate

Last but not least; looks of the desk’s top matters a lot. Look for desks with premium tops that have alluring finishing. Most popular surface laminate are designer white, fusion maple, studio teak, veranda teak, and phantom charcoal. Choose the surface laminate that can easily blend into the overall theme of your office. Also, make sure your standing desk hardware is durable enough to last long. Usually, high-quality standing desks come with three to five years warranty. So look for desks that have manufacturer’s warranty of three to five years.

These are the six things you should look for in your best height adjustable desk before buying.

So, are you ready to order height adjustable desks for your office?