Things to Consider Before Buying Rustic Coffee Tables

Anything that is old or vintage looking has something special about it; it has a story to tell and a history to unfold. Interior decorators love vintage or rustic interior décor items and rustic coffee tables are one of their top favorites. They are not just coffee tables to hold coffee mugs, keys, books and a million other things, but also great centerpieces that can pull a room together. Rustic coffee tables stand distinct from other coffee tables mainly because of their authentic, worn out looks which are indeed enough to begin a conversation. Not just unique looks and not just functionality, rustic coffee tables come as a unique blend of both these features. Consequently, they are one of the most popular and in-demand coffee tables that suit most of the interior décor styles. A lot of considerations have to be made while buying an important décor item as such and here’s everything you need to know about buying a rustic coffee table, things you need to consider and steps you need to follow.

Things to Consider Before Buying Rustic Coffee Tables1. Scale

Before any consideration to make, one has to be sure of the scale of the table bought. No matter how many décor items you place in a confined living space, it is necessary that a visual harmony is present. That is, every other décor item should get uniform attention and a smooth visual flow has to be present when your attention shifts from one to another. Two items of equal size and visual weight complement each other and hence a large rustic coffee table must be placed next to an overstuffed couch rather than a dainty looking one.

2. Size

Apart from scale, one must also make sure that the table is of the precise measurement. Height is one of the primary measurement metrics you cannot go wrong with. The table’s height has to be in correspondence with the height of the couches and chairs it is placed next to. Be it for placing a coffee mug or occasionally using it as a footstool, the table must be conveniently within reach. Also, length and widthwise, the rustic coffee table should leave enough space to walk around it, at the same time, being big enough to be functional.

3. Shape

A round table or a square shaped table, a rectangular one, before buying, have a clear cut idea of the shape of the rustic coffee table you would want to buy. While round, circular tables are preferred in houses with kids and pets, rectangular shaped tables are known to use the available space very efficiently and also make room for people to walk around them easily. The only reason to avoid rectangular tables in houses with kids and pets is because, there is a high chance that babies and pets can bump over the sharp edges and hurt themselves.

Apart from the above mentioned considerations, make sure to choose a rustic coffee table with drawers and compartments if you want it to be functional. Also think about the budget of the table depending on its usability in your home or office.