How to Choose the Best Dual Motor Standing Desk for Your Office

Using a dual motor standing desk regularly can make a lot of difference to office productivity. But you need to invest in the right standing desk design to utilize it full benefits.

Buying the Right Dual Motor Standing Desk

Consider these tips to choose the best dual motor standing desk for your office.

Consider Customized Solutions

The space in your office needs to be sufficient to accommodate the standing desks you want. So, check if you can buy readymade models or would you need to customize the size as per your office dimensions.

Many reputed brands making standing desks offer customized solutions to help people find the right desks for their needs. You can reach out to the brand of your choice to know what kind of custom solutions they offer. For instance, you might need a customized standing desk for a tall person in your office, or you may want a specific desktop for your own use. You can even customize desktops to sync with your existing office décor. You can choose the colors you want and even choose to buy the same desk design in different sizes.

Check for Sturdiness

Not all dual motor standing desks may be sturdy. The sturdiness of a standing desk may depend on the quality of motors used in its design. Before buying a dual motor standing desk, inquire about the amount of weight it can tolerate. A tolerance of 300 lbs or so can be termed as the good capacity for a desk.

When you are investing in a standing desk, you want it to last for years down the line. So, its strength is an important criterion to consider before buying one. Capacity of around 300 lbs can mean that you can also use the desk for 2-3 monitors or office equipment. It can be an important buying factor to consider if you are selecting a desk for a team requiring it to handle multiple machines.

You can check a brand’s website to know about the weight capabilities of its standing desks. But if such information is not readily available on a company’s website, call or email them for more details about their dual motor standing desks.

Select Easy-to-Assemble Desks

Consider buying standing desks that are easy to assemble in a small amount of time. When you are buying a standing desk, your aim is to boost the health of your employees and increase office productivity. So, you wouldn’t want to spend hours assembling a desk or adjusting it for days on end to its right specifications

Prioritize Ease of Use

If a standing desk needs to be adjusted every time someone wishes to convert it to a sitting or standing position, it becomes counter-productive to its USP – boosting office productivity. So, choose designs with memory preset options. Such an option can help you set multiple elevation specifications once, assign a number to it, and simply press your desired digit to bring the desk to your perfect elevation. Multiple elevation setting is important as then the same desk can be used by different employees at different times.

Check if the dual motor of the desks is consistent in movement when more weight is placed on it. If the speed of the desk reduces drastically when changing from one elevation setting to the next (due to more equipment weight), then it might not be the best furniture item for your office.

Pay Attention to Costs

When you are buying office equipment, pricing is a major factor. Higher prices of some models of standing desks can deter many business owners to invest in them. Budgeting is really important for businesses especially for small to medium enterprises. Startups too need to invest wisely in office furniture to keep the initial business costs contained.

So, look for companies that sell factory-direct desks as it can lower the costs of the furniture considerably. With no showrooms to maintain, such companies can pass the benefits of their savings directly to their customers. By spending just a little time to consider these tips, you can buy the best dual motor standing desk for your office.