Construct Rustic Sofa Table by Making New Wood Look Old

Are you passionate about creating rustic sofa table? This could be one of the enthusiastic projects and can makeover your media room. You may think that it is easy to find out a sofa table for your room. However, once you continue to search at thrift stores, you may find it to be a bit difficult task, scouring garage sales. You may look for kitchen table and cut it down for shaping it in the form of a sofa table. However, you may not find much luck over there. So, what could be the solution? You can only have some table legs to build exactly what you want. You can turn around your studio to find some table legs for crafting a nice rustic sofa table. It might be that the tabletop is used in your studio but the legs are discarded and stored in your attic space. This could be one of the least expensive ways of building a rustic sofa table. Even if you don’t have wood pieces in your attic space or garage, you may purchase a few pieces of wood for constructing rustic table, making your need wood look old. Let’s check out the tips of creating rustic sofa table:

  • Process of Making New Wood Look Old – Now, how could you make your new wood look old?Start with 1″x 4″ and cut them down to 4-foot. If you want the wood pieces to look very old like rustic barn wood pieces or like railroad ties, you can start distressing them. You may make use of nails, hammers, crowbar to get your hands on to beat up the wood pieces. This step is significant for the wood to look truly old and worn. You can use a blade or knife for scraping off straight corners or wood edges and sand all previous distressing lightly in order that the distressing doesn’t look new. Once you will feel that the woods are sufficiently distressed, you can start staining the wood.  Make use of a blend of dark walnut stain and your favorite stain color. Even if you don’t know the exact ratio, just blend them together till you get your desired color. You may mix two stains together in even proportions and examine that on a piece of wood. Adjust the quantities till you are contended with the overall tone. As soon as it dried, sand it down a bit and apply a wash of water down the paint. You can organically mix two tablespoon of paints to one fourth cup of water. This can offer a weathered look. Once you find the woods to look grey, you can apply the finish. In case you want it greyer, you may consider applying a second coat of wash. In order to protect the wood surface, finish the wood with wax wipe on satin.
  • Creating Sofa Table with Existing Legs – You can build sofa table with existing legs having bolts in them. You can copy the apron base of the table from which legs are attached to and can adjust the measurement for your new table of 3 foot by 4 foot. The four side boards can meet with the table legs with an angled piece in order to form a triangle in the corner that is used to screw all together. You can also make use of existing bolts arising from the legs. In order to provide extra support in the middle, you can secure the boards with two wood strips. You may rub the stain on the nails with a Q-tip just the once they are nailed at the right place. This would make your table look nice as well as rusty. You can paint the table runners white for matching the legs and can then wash with paint. Finish it off with a wax. You can slop it on for providing a texture imitating several layers of paint. Since, you are constructing the rustic sofa table to suit your specific requirement; it can perfectly match up to with your space. You will be inspired to see what you have created.

Remember, that excellent woodworking skills are not required for constructing rustic wood table and making your new wood look old. All you want is the craving and enthusiasm to try. Follow this simple technique and transform cheapest wood pieces into high end salvaged finish. You can try salvaged brown finish if you want. However, if you can’t create on your own, you can always browse through the various online stores for purchasing rustic sofa table.