How to Buy a Rustic TV Console

TV is not just a box of entertainment in a home. In the world of interior design, a TV is the focal point of a living room that pulls the entire room together. All the décor items including the couch, coffee table, stools are centered on this focal point. TV is absolutely the most watched décor item of the lot and a TV console on which the TV is placed is as important as the TV. A rustic TV console that dons a vintage, worn out look is one of the most popular and in-demand TV consoles these days. Anything that is rustic has high regard amongst interior decorators and home owners these days, owing to their authentic look and the charm and depth they bring into a living space. There are many considerations to make before buying a rustic TV console and here’s everything you need to know about a rustic TV console and things you need to consider before buying one.

1. Scale

Visual harmony is one of the most preferred aspects in interior design and it determines whether all the décor items are harmonic with one another, maintaining a smooth visual flow when our attention shifts from one object to another. And in order to maintain this visual harmony, it is very much necessary that these décor items are in proportion with respect to their size and weight. Hence, assess the space available in your living room and the space other décor items occupy. Depending on your assessment, decide the size of the rustic TV console you would want to buy.

How to Buy a Rustic TV Console

2. Size

After the scale is determined, the height, width and length of the TV console must also be determined. The height must be proportionate to the couches and chairs placed and the width must be sufficient enough to fit in the assigned space. Be careful not to bring in a bulky TV console that will occupy the entire space and leave little or no room to freely walk around. Coming to the length of the rustic TV console, make sure it can conveniently accommodate your TV. Most of the TV consoles available today are designed for the ultra-thin, plasma TVs and if you own an old, bulky, CRT model, you might have to check with the vendor on its length.

3. Compartments

There are many other electronic equipment associated with a TV such as a DVD player, play station, music system, front and central channel speakers etc. A TV console is supposed to have as many compartments as possible to accommodate these systems, as well as have additional compartments to store things like DVDs and cassettes.

4. Closed Cabinets

More the number of electronic equipment as mentioned above, more the number of cords associated with these that are left dangling all around. Dangling electronic cords certainly look shabby and spoil the entire look and feel of the rustic TV console. Hence make sure to have closed cabinets built in which are exclusively dedicated to hide the cords and keep the TV console’s appearance clean and organized.