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Eames Chair – An Iconic Piece of Modern Furniture

The Eames chair is one of the most recognized pieces of furniture in the world. The iconic chair has lasted decades of changes in interior design and still occupies the place of pride amidst a sea of seating options available today.

The Eames Chair – a Brief History

The famous chair gets its name from its makers – designers Ray and Charles Eames. Ray and Charles Eames were a married couple who worked together to create this iconic chair. The couple had the desire to create a chair that looked as inviting and warm as a well-worn baseball mitt.

It was introduced to the world in 1956. The Eameses had begun working on it as a part of a project they had undertaken. They wanted to design a chair that was luxurious in every sense of the world. But the couple was keen to not only design a stylish piece of the chair but something that was also the epitome of comfort. Just as the ball nestles comfortably in a baseball mitt, the couple wanted to create something that was really snuggly and inviting yet looked beautiful.

The result was a chair that was built with three different types of molded plywood – a first of its kind idea in the post-WWII America. These pieces were used to make a backrest, a base, and another headrest. In the initial design, these pieces were covered with rosewood veneer. The pieces were set in place with a leather cushion. To make it more comfortable to use the chair, a matching piece of ottoman was available to buy along with the chair.

With time, different materials came to be used for the bases. The chair itself was available in more than one color. It was ready for the market in 1956. The Herman Miller Company began to sell the Eames chair exclusively. Even though the Eames chair was an item of luxury furniture, the materials used in its design made it viable for mass production.

The Eames chair was an improvement over the usual lounge chairs – precisely what the designer duo planned to achieve.

The Place of the Eames Chair in the Modern World of Interior Design

Even after more than 60 years in production (which in itself is a remarkable feat), the Eames chair is still available to buy with the original seller. But now, the famous Eames chair is also available as a reproduction of the original design. The reproduction work has made it possible for people to use the Eames chair in their homes even with their limited decorative budgets.

If you buy a reproduction design made with quality leather with good veneer accents, you are most likely to be pleased with your purchase. Some furniture manufacturers offer the Eames chair made with materials as close to the original as possible. You can enjoy the placement of an iconic design this way but without spending a huge sum of money required for the original.

Today, the iconic Eames chair is available in different types of materials. You can have your pick of the upholstery and veneers. You can also choose different sizes and colors as per your own design sensibility. The chairs in either black or white are perfect for different décors – be it minimal, industrial, contemporary, or traditional. You can place the chair to fit in seamlessly with any neutral color scheme or to provide relief to a room designed in a variety of colorful accents and furniture.

There aren’t many furniture items today that are still relevant in the contemporary age with their inception decades ago. The Eames chair is a classic piece of furniture. With its rich and interesting history, it is the perfect addition to any house or office space. Its mere placement in any room is enough to add a distinct character to even the most simplistic of spaces. Whether you use the original Eames or a reproduction design, you can’t go wrong with this elegant piece of furniture in your house. The Eames chair is indeed a comfortable yet luxurious piece of furniture – the perfect manifestation of the designers’ inspiration and genius behind its creation.

Choosing Furniture Upholstery Fabrics

The upholstered furniture in your house is an investment that needs to be made with care – like the many other things that are there inside the abode. No home owner wants to be in a position of second-guessing after the choice has been made or the piece has been bought. The color, pattern, style, and fabric type need to be matched not just with the interior décor, but also with the kind of furniture, its users, location, and so on. Else, you would end up fighting stains, snags, tears, poorly coordinated décor, and anything that makes the new piece look shabby. Here are a few tips that can help you zero in on the right upholstery fabrics that keep you happy for a long time.

Choose easy care fabrics for kids and furry friends

When upholstering furniture, one of your biggest worries is the fabric being spoilt by kids or pets that you have in the house. Today, the options for such needs are plentiful. Many of them are crafted specially for harsh use, and are durable too.  The range of low maintenance, easy care fabrics includes faux leather and indoor-outdoor convertibles. Slipcovers too are a great choice for such needs. Distressed leather is another popular choice among home owners as the fabric surface does not show off cuffs and scratches.

Pick silk and linen for a touch of luxury

An adult-only home can indeed be a boon when you want to flaunt luxurious upholstery. Textured silk, patterned linen, and fluffy wool are all great choices for homes that need comfy, indulgent fabrics. These upholsteries are great for locations that are little used, lesser prone to wear and tear, and which are not in direct contact with sunlight.  Imagine reading corners, in-home office spaces, and master or guest bedroom furniture with these upholstery – quite the stunners they turn out to be.

Always think long term

One big mistake that buyers commit when choosing upholstery fabric is getting carried away by how it looks in the present, and not factoring in use, wear and tear – all of which have a bearing on how the surface, color, and feel would be after a couple of years. In order to avoid this glitch, check fabric labels, and ask questions about the material content, its performance, maintenance and care needs. Certain materials like leather tend to develop a natural patina, so be sure if you are willing to embrace such details through use. Also, think about how much effort you are likely to put into the upkeep of the fabric. While some need minimal care and can be washed, others need constant upkeep with regular vacuuming. Some fabrics are sensitive to light, and if placed next to windows or sunny areas, you will need to maintain them well through the use of drapes and covered windows so that they fabric does not fade too quickly.

Consider solids vs. patterned

Solid upholstery fabrics and patterned upholstery fabrics have their own ups and downs. The former works well with larger furniture, especially when there are curves or joints involved. Mismatched patterns can look quite odd in such instances. Also, solids are a better choice for regular use furniture as patterns can wear out the eyes quickly. However, stripes, florals, jacquard designs, bold prints etc. such as those offered by Robert Allen upholstery fabric make great accompaniments to statement furniture or smaller pieces such as single chairs or ottomans.

Experience the fabric

An important thing to remember is that upholstery fabrics aren’t only about their visual appeal. They are also a lot about how they feel against the skin. For, who wants to feel pricked or chafed when lounging or engaging in a deep discussion? When on a visit to an upholstery fabric store, ask for swatches to feel with your fingers. Wherever possible, carry them home to see how they perform through time. Testing the fabric this way helps you understand how the piece would function in actual day-to day settings.

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a Zinc Shelf

The most preferred option for a shelf is the ones made from the natural element zinc. It is available in abundance and low on maintenance. Zinc shelves add a unique charm and elegance in the space. Available in a number of style and size options, the shelves are affordable and long lasting.

Reasons why you should choose a zinc shelf:

  1. Sleek design and finish: Every home owner looks for a stylish design and finish when purchasing any item for the home. Zinc shelves carry a polished look and have a sleek and stylish finish. The shelf will become the centerpiece of the room and will draw attention. With use, the shelf will change in the look and over time it will look like it has always been there for decades. This could be within a few weeks or maybe in a year.
  1. Low maintenance: Zinc shelves are low on maintenance. You will not be required to incur cost for its maintenance and it will remain the same for many years to come. Once installed, there will not be a requirement to replace the same. The shelf will be highly functional without any requirement of additional maintenance expenses.
  1. Suitable for homes and office: The zinc shelf can be used inside a home or an office. It will easily blend into whatever décor the space has. You can choose from a polished finish or choose a weathered look depending on your requirement. The shelf will easily fit into the space and will enhance the look.

Zinc is a natural element which adds aesthetic appeal to the space. The shelves are study, highly durable and available at an affordable rate. When choosing a shelf for any room, it is important to consider the size of the room and the space where you want to fit the shelf. The measurement of the wall will help in determining an appropriate size for the shelf. A huge shelf inside a small room makes no sense while a very small shelf in a huge room will look awkward. When placing a customized order, choose a shelf that is an ideal size and can easily blend into the décor and space of the room.

You can use the shelf inside the kitchen to place your equipment or you can use it as a book shelf inside your study room. You can also use the shelf in your office for your files and daily necessities. Considering the sleek look and sophisticated design, the shelf will only add appeal to your personal space. Zinc has a unique effect of lighting and if you play with lights around the shelf, you will notice that the shelf shows an exceptional impact. Zinc is also used for countertops because it is easy to maintain and is highly durable. There are a number of styles and designs available in shelves. You can choose one according to your requirement and get it installed with ease. Installation of a zinc shelf is a quick and easy process which does not require any additional time or efforts. You will not have to spend a penny on the maintenance of the same and it can be immediately put to use.

Zinc is an element which is sourced from the earth and used widely. The shelf will be heavier than the wooden or metal shelf and will have a better appeal as well. It lasts longer than any other shelf and is easy to maintain. The shelf can be cleaned with ease and you can do it with a damp cloth. If you spill anything on the shelf and there are strong stains, you can get rid of them by simply wiping it properly with a cloth. There is no other way to add aesthetics to your personal space except adding a classic zinc shelf. It can be customized as per your requirement and you can ensure that the shelf exactly fits inside your space. You can choose the type of surface and the pattern you want on the shelf.

Construct Rustic Sofa Table by Making New Wood Look Old

Are you passionate about creating rustic sofa table? This could be one of the enthusiastic projects and can makeover your media room. You may think that it is easy to find out a sofa table for your room. However, once you continue to search at thrift stores, you may find it to be a bit difficult task, scouring garage sales. You may look for kitchen table and cut it down for shaping it in the form of a sofa table. However, you may not find much luck over there. So, what could be the solution? You can only have some table legs to build exactly what you want. You can turn around your studio to find some table legs for crafting a nice rustic sofa table. It might be that the tabletop is used in your studio but the legs are discarded and stored in your attic space. This could be one of the least expensive ways of building a rustic sofa table. Even if you don’t have wood pieces in your attic space or garage, you may purchase a few pieces of wood for constructing rustic table, making your need wood look old. Let’s check out the tips of creating rustic sofa table:

  • Process of Making New Wood Look Old – Now, how could you make your new wood look old?Start with 1″x 4″ and cut them down to 4-foot. If you want the wood pieces to look very old like rustic barn wood pieces or like railroad ties, you can start distressing them. You may make use of nails, hammers, crowbar to get your hands on to beat up the wood pieces. This step is significant for the wood to look truly old and worn. You can use a blade or knife for scraping off straight corners or wood edges and sand all previous distressing lightly in order that the distressing doesn’t look new. Once you will feel that the woods are sufficiently distressed, you can start staining the wood.  Make use of a blend of dark walnut stain and your favorite stain color. Even if you don’t know the exact ratio, just blend them together till you get your desired color. You may mix two stains together in even proportions and examine that on a piece of wood. Adjust the quantities till you are contended with the overall tone. As soon as it dried, sand it down a bit and apply a wash of water down the paint. You can organically mix two tablespoon of paints to one fourth cup of water. This can offer a weathered look. Once you find the woods to look grey, you can apply the finish. In case you want it greyer, you may consider applying a second coat of wash. In order to protect the wood surface, finish the wood with wax wipe on satin.
  • Creating Sofa Table with Existing Legs – You can build sofa table with existing legs having bolts in them. You can copy the apron base of the table from which legs are attached to and can adjust the measurement for your new table of 3 foot by 4 foot. The four side boards can meet with the table legs with an angled piece in order to form a triangle in the corner that is used to screw all together. You can also make use of existing bolts arising from the legs. In order to provide extra support in the middle, you can secure the boards with two wood strips. You may rub the stain on the nails with a Q-tip just the once they are nailed at the right place. This would make your table look nice as well as rusty. You can paint the table runners white for matching the legs and can then wash with paint. Finish it off with a wax. You can slop it on for providing a texture imitating several layers of paint. Since, you are constructing the rustic sofa table to suit your specific requirement; it can perfectly match up to with your space. You will be inspired to see what you have created.

Remember, that excellent woodworking skills are not required for constructing rustic wood table and making your new wood look old. All you want is the craving and enthusiasm to try. Follow this simple technique and transform cheapest wood pieces into high end salvaged finish. You can try salvaged brown finish if you want. However, if you can’t create on your own, you can always browse through the various online stores for purchasing rustic sofa table.

Choose Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Carefully In Line With the Space

Importance of Modern Bathrooms

Unlike the bathrooms of the bygone era, the present-day bathrooms stay very close to the indoor-areas of the buildings concerned. According to the modern trend, each bedroom has an individual bathroom, and apart from this, there will be at least one common bathroom intended for the visitors or guests. All these bathrooms will be within the indoor areas. This proximity prompts everybody to make the space highly hygiene and attractive. Hence, while building a bathroom, everybody takes good care and attention, and uses every possibility for making the space spick and span. Everyone tries to make the space additionally convenient by installing various handy appliances. Bathroom vanity cabinets are one such item that everybody uses to augment the attractive and handy nature of the space. Varied styles of bathroom vanities are available like the ‘upright’ ones, ‘open’ times, and highly ‘stylish’ ones. Remember, you must choose the right type of vanity that will make your bathroom much more elegant.

Impressive Decoration is Imperative for Modern Bathrooms

The concept of bathroom creation has changed considerably, exactly in tune with the change of time. Modern bathrooms are not like the old ones, the purpose of which was only taking bath and performing the related activities. Things have changed drastically. In this day and age, everyone tries to make this place highly hygienic, utmost tidy, as well as glamorous. People try to phase in as many facilities as feasible that make bathing a pleasant event, and for this, they use almost all possible ways. Bathroom vanity cabinets are unavoidable for making bathrooms conveniently usable. Nevertheless, it is equally important that you must go for the most suitable models, or else the result will be more or less awkward. The best way to make sure that you are getting perfect models that carry functionality and quality is to buy the item from reliable traders, who have already established their trustworthiness.

Measure the Bathroom Space

It is very important that you must choose the perfectly matching bathroom vanity cabinets, when compared with the overall shape and décor of the space concerned. For this, you must measure the space correctly, before selecting the vanities. For small-sized bathrooms, you will have to design the item in a special manner, so that it fits into the space and provides enough room within for storing the bathroom-essentials. If the bathroom is somewhat big, go for a bit larger designs that will make the room much more convenient. At any rate, precise measurement of the space is crucial.

You Can Use Apps for Precise Measurement

Technology has made every task of human interests, simple and unfussy. Human life is moving towards more preciseness. This is exactly true as far as the task of taking the room measurements is concerned. Not far from now, for carrying out the same task, you had to depend on your capacity of holding the measuring tape exactly at a position, without the trembling of hands. Even if you do it with utmost concentration, there will be the possibility of errors and inaccuracy. Gone are those days! Now, apps are available for the same. You will just have to place your mobile on the wall to get precise measurement results. Preciseness in space management is imperative in making the space organized and stunning.

Make Sure to Buy From Reputed Sellers

This is an important matter, which you will have to take into consideration. Temptations will be plenty to buy your bathroom vanity cabinets from various online portals, because of the attractiveness of the websites and the images of the items displayed. Let whatever be the temptation, you must buy such valuable items only from established dealers. Remember, reputation does not come all of a sudden, especially for merchants. Years and years of contact with the customers and that too in a positive manner is imperative for gaining customers’ good will, and this will happen only to reliable traders. Only when customers get quality and cost-effective products, they will become satisfied, and this satisfaction is a must for the reputation of the merchants concerned. Moreover, you can find a variety of models at these stores, and this will enable you to pick the most fitting ones for your specific requirements. Yet another benefit of buying bathroom vanity cabinets from recognized traders is that you will get quality products with good discounts. Such traders will also provide free shipping and easy return facilities, which will be added advantages for all customers.

Use Reclaimed Wood Furniture for an Alluring and Antique Look

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood has historical importance, as it has survived the softness and the harshness of several years. Because of this fact, the timber will have gained real toughness, which will beat any weather condition; you can use the same without any decay or break for a longer time. This is the real worth of any furniture created using the reclaimed wood. This timber comes from very olden wooden things like barns, warehouses, houses, coal mines, factories, boxcars, wine barrels, etc. The various furniture items made using such wood bears not only authenticity, but also that ancient beauty, which will make everyone amazed and pleasant.

Buying Reclaimed Furniture is Supporting Nature

When you opt for the reclaimed furniture, you are indirectly supporting the movement against the destruction of trees, which is indeed a great thing. In our time, people destroy thousands and thousands of trees, for supporting the practical requirements of furniture industry. In fact, vast destruction of trees is detrimental to nature and affects its symmetry. When there is great demand for reclaimed wood furniture, automatically, there will be a decrease in the devastation of forests. This will stabilize the climatic changes and will bring back the lost glories of nature to a certain extent.

Reclaimed Furniture Have Unparalleled Antiqueness

Reclaimed furniture possesses indisputable authenticity and matchless antiqueness. There will be various marks and blots as well as small dents here and there in the wood. This is a natural happening because of constant use. When these marks are covered using the modern methods in an artistic way, there will be an overall improvement in appearance. These unique marks will add much allure to the furniture and will attract the attention of all viewers.

One can use these furniture items for quite a longer period in good condition, than the furniture created using raw wood, devoid of any damages. Moreover, they add much ancient value to the place, where you place them. The ancient touch of reclaimed wood is unique and peerless. It is easy to phase in a pleasant shade of nostalgic feeling within a room by placing a few reclaimed wood furniture items. Even when a particular space bears a pure contemporary look, the overall ambiance will get an energy-releasing ancient glamor, just because of the presence of one or two furniture pieces created using reclaimed wood.

Get the Item Customized

Reclaimed wood furniture comes in different designs and varieties, and such items have gained mass approval across the globe these days. Some of the popular items are T V console, kitchen island, bathroom vanity, bathroom console, barn door, etc. There is a great demand for these novel items; the tendency to get them customized for specific purposes is also prevalent. An interesting matter to note is that, many of the modern furniture sellers offer customization. Because of this scenario, the contemporary furniture market has become far more appealing and persuasive. There are lots of options available, and customers can choose the best suitable ones from the lot. However, buyers must show utmost prudence when they select the desired furniture items. The best way to buy reclaimed furniture is to buy the items through online methods.

Buy the Item from Reliable Sellers

There are plenty of online portals, which sell such cute furniture pieces. However, you must make it a point to make use of the websites of reliable online sellers, if you want to have genuine reclaimed wood furniture. It is easy to find such traders; check the experience and if you find that a particular company has decades of experience in this line, you can definitely deem it as a dependable one. You must discuss with the dealer and make sure about the authenticity of the wood used. There is a prevailing tendency among certain manufacturers to use reclaimed wood for certain main parts only like the top piece or the doors, etc. They might have used fresh wood to create the irrelevant underneath or the flip side portions. For sure, damages may occur to such parts easily and so, it may not be possible to use the furniture item for longer periods. Hence, reliability of the seller is very much significant.

Use Rustic Bar Stools to Augment the Beauty of Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Rustic bar stools possess an intrinsic mesmerizing charm, and this feature makes the item popular. You can phase in the exciting allure of the bygone days within your indoor or outdoor areas by using them smartly. The main interesting factor is that you can place them practically at all places of residences. Hence, even if you do not have a personal bar area, this furniture will be very much handy. For example, living room will become more attractive, if you place one or two matching bar stools created under the rustic theme. Of course, the items must have proportionate size and design. In the same way, this furniture will fill the bill for placing at kitchen islands, or near the balcony tables. Likewise, the item will perfectly match a garden table.

You can use rustic bar stools to change the look of any indoor and outdoor space. The only thing you will have to take care is to consider the significance and the overall space arrangements of the area concerned pragmatically. You can opt for various colors such as Americana, black, medium wax, red, turquoise, white, etc.


Select a Professional Seller

Buying skillfully crafted rustic bar stools with is easy in our time. You will not have to check every shops in an endless manner to find a perfect rustic bar stool for your specific need. So many online vendors specialize in selling all types of furniture, including the most contemporary and the reclaimed furniture. Nevertheless, it is very important that you must select a professional trader who has earned the endorsement of buyers. The main thing you must make sure here is to select a trader who has decades of experience in this line. Such sellers will be fully professional and you can trust them. Apart from getting durable quality products, you can also expect to get trade discounts and free shipping facility.

Points to Note

You must take care of certain points to ensure that the rustic bar stools go well with the space. When you overlook these, there is a possibility that you may end up in getting improper and unsuitable stools. However, the good thing in our time is that many of the online vendors offer customization, which is not possible when you buy from traditional shops or traders. By making use of this opportunity, you can make the item fully suitable for the space where you plan to fix the same.

Measure the Space: Consider the purpose and the space where you are going to place the same. You must measure the space correctly and assess the special qualities of the overall interior decoration. Accordingly, you can customize the rustic bar stool.

Choose Proper Wood: Wood selection is important and do this wisely. For example, if you are looking for bar stools for outdoor use, you must make certain that the item is capable of withstanding the roughest weather conditions. Reclaimed wood that has undergone the related scientific treatments will be a perfect match for the same.

Pick the Style Accordingly: This is equally important. Different styled rustic bar stools are available, and you must get the required style correct. This is crucial to make the item compatible with the space.

The Shape: The shape of stool matters a lot in making it well-matched with the space or the table. You may be able to find varied shaped stools; there are high back stools with armrests, stools with saddle seats, or with flat seats. Some stools have no back supports. Presently, bar stools that turn around are also trendy. Again, you must make a decision strictly in accordance with the actual requirement.

The Finish: You will have to finalize this point exactly in line with the existing overhanging shades of the space, wherein you are going to place the rustic bar stools. You have to decide whether to go for pure dark shade, or a comparatively lighter shade. In some cases, an in-between choice may be practically wise. Dark shades give a rich look whereas light shades easily blend in will the surroundings. You must decide this point by precisely reading the existing overall lighting arrangements of the space.

Important Factors to be Considered When Buying Rustic Bar Stools

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen or bar counter without stools. Of the many designs and styles available in the market, rustic bar stools are a popular choice among home owners for their unsophisticated appeal; one that blends in perfectly with the ambience of the kitchen and the bar. As with other articles of rustic furniture, different factors need to be considered when making a purchase. A few important ones are discussed here.

Important Factors to be Considered When Buying Rustic Bar StoolsHeight

Bar stool is commonly used to refer to any form of stool that is used at the kitchen counter. However, these stools vary in their height, and each of them – counter, bar, and spectator (or stadium) stools – is characterized by a standard specific height range. Counter stools measure between 24 and 26 inches and are built to be paired with standard kitchen tops that are 36 inches tall. Bar stools are built to be used in that part of the kitchen counter that is stepped up from the rest of it. This area is about 42 inches high. Chairs that pair with this portion of the counter measure about 30 inches in height. Spectator or stadium stools are the tallest among the lot and are designed for use with a counter top that is 48 inches or higher. They are between 34 and 36 inches tall and are meant for viewing the television while at the counter.

Select counter stools depending on the height of your kitchen counter and the purpose it needs to serve. Ensure that the height of the stool is such that it allows for comfortable seating; in a manner that there is adequate space between the legs and the counter top.


The most commonly used material on rustic bar stools is wood. Reclaim or old wood, like those obtained from demolished sources, barns, barges, railway tracks etc. too make an excellent choice for rustic bar stools. Select this kind of wood for its natural grain and weathered look and bring about a simple and modest appeal.

Rustic however isn’t restricted to wood – metal, especially iron is an interesting option in this regard. Pick industrial styled stools made completely out of metal, or urban rustic ones, which feature a combination of wood and metal, to stay abreast with interior design trends.

Back, arm and foot rest

A typical bar stool with its raw appeal looks best without a back and arm rest. However, comfort is of prime concern and it is advisable to opt for either a back rest, or an arm rest, depending on the age of the users of the stool. Pick chairs with back and arm support if you have children or elderly people at home, or if you spend hours together at the kitchen. For e.g., if your children love doing their homework at the counter while you are busy preparing meals, it would be better to have stools that provide them ample support and good posture.

Backless chairs are a great choice when you have limited space or want a minimalistic appearance. However if you have toddlers or young ones at home, stay away from these chairs as they pose the risk of accidents. Also, opt for footrests on your chairs, especially on bar and stadium stools as dangling feet are the most uncomfortable when you sit down to eat or drink.


Cushions perform dual functions on bar stools – they modify the appearance, and provide comfort for prolonged seating. Typical rustic stools lack cushions, however it is advisable to use them for added comfort, especially if you have children or aged people at home. Pick tie-on fabric cushions to add a twist to bar stools, or those in leather to lend a classic, vintage appeal.

Swivel and other features

Counter stools with swivel and swing features are a boon in case of space constraints around the kitchen counter. They help you get on and off the chair with ease, without having to disturb the people sitting next to you. Also for chairs that are heavy, laboratory-like stools with swing feature ensure that you do not have to drag the chair out every time you sit or move around. This also saves your floor from unwanted damage each time you pull the chairs out.

Rustic stools are a perfect addition in any kitchen. A careful consideration of the above mentioned factors is sure to help you pick the right ones for your home.

Place Rustic Bar Stools inside Your Bar to Make the Place Trendy

The usage of rustic bar stools has become very much popular in the contemporary period. You can phase in a typical attractiveness within your bar area by placing these bar stools there. Even if you are designing this place in the most modern way, with all related arrangements, you can still sprinkle mind-cooling uniqueness within by using these eye-catching stools. You can find various types of bar tools having different manufacturing styles and shades.

Place Rustic Bar Stools inside Your Bar to Make the Place TrendyBuying Rustic Bar Stools

It is more or less easy to buy them these days. There are numerous online stores, which sell such marvelous looking bar stools, and other allied furniture. Another key point to note is that, you will be able to get these types of attractive bar stools at reasonably competitive rates. The only thing that you will have to take care is to buy the same from trustworthy traders. This is the best method to make sure that you are getting good-quality items and that too, without paying in an exorbitant manner. In general, the prices may vary, depending on the style of creation and the wood used for the same. Going by the current trend, you will be able to get good rustic bar stools if you are ready to spend roughly $375 to $550.

However, it is best to order rustic bar stools from an online trader who offers customization. Remember, the bar stool that you plan to buy should match the available space and the other items placed there. This is possible only when you get a made to order stool. Nevertheless, this personalized manufacturing process requires adequate time. Therefore, if you wish to have the item within a specific date, you will have to place the order well in advance. Professionally run companies will be able to give you the ordered pieces within 6 to 8 weeks from the order date. Having said that, some of the top online stores arrange finance for your shopping, at affordable rates.

You can find such websites easily by searching through the internet using some related keywords. Most of the leading online stores have customer-friendly websites with the highly desirable helpline, through which you will be able to contact the company on all days. Yet another alluring factor is that you can also enjoy free shipping, when you book your bar stools from such reliable stores.

Practical Points to Consider While Buying Bar Stools

There are certain practical points to consider while buying bar stools. The stools must not only go well with the available space, but also must be functional for the purpose.

•  You must have an overall idea about your bar, while ordering the stools. It will be truly sensible to check the size of the space before placing the order. You can measure the height of the bar or the table placed inside. You will have to ensure that the stools are neither short nor highly elevated. When you put the stools inside, the bar area should not look congested or awkward. Moreover, the user should get a good sitting position; convenience is the prime point here. There must be sufficient space for legs, and the person who sits on it should get an easy feel. The height of the stool is very important. You must measure the height of the bar or the table precisely; this will enable you to settle for a stool that has just the right height.

•  You must also have a clear-cut perception, regarding the wood and about the shade used to polish the same. You must decide whether to go for simple finishing or opt for somewhat a gaudy touch.

•  Picking a good style is equally important. The stool should add elegance to the bar and must not look like an added unit. It should merge with the existing ambiance. It is always good to mix styles; you can add a touch of the bygone furniture style, even while sticking to the contemporary style.

•  The shape of the stool must be quite impressive. You must take time and decide the design, by considering all practical problems.

You can create your own designs that will go well with your bar space. Again, it is a personal choice. You can go for stools with comfortable armrests or without them. You can choose flat seated stools or can select smooth seated ones. Remember, revolving stools are also popular in our time; some say that this is more convenient and handy, as it gives you an easy feel.

Vanities & Cabinets: An Important Part of any Bathroom Design

The furniture you place in any room of the house plays not just a functional role but also an aesthetic one. These pieces need to blend in with the interior design and décor scheme and meet various other parameters including space, budgets, size etc. The same is true with vanity cabinets, which form an important part of bathrooms and powder rooms.

The Function

Vanity cabinets predominantly function as articles for storage in bathrooms. The bathroom vanity cabinets include in-built drawers that provide the storage space. The upper surface of the vanities are often converted into a base that holds sinks of various kinds. The interior construction of vanity that holds a sink and one that does not, are slightly different, owing to the space required for the plumbing framework. However, the exteriors of both these varieties are similar and bring about the same aesthetic appeal.

The Variants

Cabinets and vanities are made from different materials like metal or plastic, but the most popular ones among them are wood. Wood, for its beauty and sturdiness, makes an apt choice of material for use in bath areas. Wooden cabinets are made from a wide range of lumbers like oak, birch wood, pine etc. Reclaimed or salvaged wood, obtained from sources like barns, demolished buildings, railway track etc., too are a popular choice of material for use in bathroom vanities and cabinets. Wooden cabinets are often made interesting by the addition of colors. White and light hues lend them a clean finish while bright ones such as red, lime and fuchsia transform these furniture pieces into stunning focal points.

Vanities & Cabinets An Important Part of any Bathroom DesignBathroom cabinets come with varying storage space. The number of drawers can vary, anywhere from two to eight, or even more, depending on the size and design. Most common variants include vanities that are placed on the floor and are movable. Some of them are also wall mountable and hence free up space on the floor.

Vanities and cabinets also come with tops of different materials. For e.g., a body made of wood maybe combined with a marble or granite top. This transforms the appearance of the vanity and makes it a stunning focal point in the bath area. The construction of the vanity top also decides the kind of sink it can hold. If the top surface has a cut out portion, it can hold a drop-in sink, whereas a flat vanity top can hold a self-rimming or vessel sinks that sit atop the surface.

Caring for Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Bathrooms are areas that usually remain moist and are prone to dampness. The same can affect the life of furniture items overtime. To prevent deterioration of these articles, it is important to invest time and money in maintenance and care. Here are a few things to pay attention to, especially when opting for wooden furniture in bathrooms.

•  Wooden vanities used in bathrooms need to be moisture resistance in order to last long. While some of them like teak, old growth cypress, and old growth pine lumber are naturally resistant to moisture, other kinds of wood need to be treated and sealed.

•  Bathroom vanities with sinks needs constant maintenance and is best used in adult bathrooms, as water that gets splashed over the counter top needs to be mopped frequently. Also, water sealing finishes need to be re-applied every couple of years.

•  Some varieties of wood, like teak, last longer in bathrooms. Choosing lumbers that are naturally rot resistant or reclaimed wood that has exposed to water for a long time (like lumber from barges) helps bring down the maintenance required.

•  Using a fan when taking a steam bath or shower, helps wooden items from soaking up the moisture and keeps them stronger and more durable.

Cabinets and vanities lend beauty, form and function to bathroom. When chosen carefully and maintained with caution, these articles retain the charm of your dwelling space for a long time.

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